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Greetings everyone, I am Prophetess Tanya S. Manada, the Founder of Universal Biblical Institute Online. The Universal Biblical Institute Online consists of 22 groups which consist of life changing topics about the Goodness of God. It is in Pre-Launch right now but still feel free to join. Click Here to Join
The courses are free of charge and upon completion of each course a Certificate of Completion will be awarded. I am also an Ordained Minister and Certified Christian Chaplain.Consider becoming a Spiritual Partner with Tanya Manada Ministries. You will receive ongoing spiritual counseling, personal bible study sessions, spiritual healing, intercessory prayer, daily scriptures via your email or myspace, and much more. And also every month as well for being a Spiritual Partner you will receive a Precious Gift sent straight from the Mother Land, Israel, so please provide your mailing address along with your Spiritual Seed as a Spiritual Partner. The very first Gift that you will receive from the Mother Land is a Large Pocket Olive Wood Holy Cross, Holy Anointing Olive Oil that has been pressed in Jerusalem, Purifying Holy Water from the Jordan River,Holy Earth from the Hills of Jerusalem and Frankincense from Jerusalem. This all comes with a Beautiful Certificate of Authenticity. So tarry no longer, become a Spiritual Partner today."Sow Your Seed Into Good Ground"
If you would like an One-on-One Private Spiritual Counseling Session, please send me a message and let me know, so that I can schedule an appt. with you and give you the passcode to enter the Private Room at PalkTalk.com. Click Here to enter the PalTalk Private Session Room
If you would like the Spiritual Counseling via landline you may call me @ 866-513-2139 to schedule an appt. The Spiritual Counseling Sessions are set at 15 minutes increments per week. Remember all of this Anointed Spiritual Healing is all included when you become a Spiritual Partner, so become a Partner Today and receive your Miracle & Blessing from God Almighty. All Glory to God!
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