Heavenly Father, I (we) come to You now in the Name of my (our) Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

Father, help me (us) to let go of all bitterness and resentment. You are the One Who binds up and heals the broken-hearted. I (we) receive Your anointing that breaks and destroys every yoke of bondage. I (we) receive healing by faith according to Your Word, Isaiah 53:5, "and with His stripes we are healed". Thank You for sending me (us) Your Holy Spirit, I (we) acknowledge the Holy Spirit as my (our) wonderful Counselor! Thank You for helping me (us) work out my (our) salvation with fear and trembling, for it is You, Father, Who works in me (us) to will and to act according to Your good purpose.

In the Name of Jesus, I (we) choose to forgive those who have wronged me (us). I (we) choose to live a life of forgiveness because You have forgiven me (us). I (we) repent of all resentments, bitterness, rage, anger, brawling, and slander, along with every form of malice. I (we) desire to be kind and compassionate to others, forgiving them, just as in Christ You forgave me (us). With the help of the Holy Spirit, I (we) make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy, for I (we) know that without holiness no one will see You. I (we) will watch and pray that I (we) will not enter into temptation or cause others to stumble. Thank You, Heavenly Father, that You watch over Your Word to perform it and that whom the Son has set free is free indeed. I (we) declare that I (we) have overcome resentment and bitterness by the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Word of my (our) testimony. Amen!