We know Lord that all my(our) happiness comes from Your mercy; so I(we) pray that You Lord, be merciful to me(us). I ask You, Lord, to continue to cause Your face to shine upon me(us). Pardon me(us) from all my(our) sins. God, I(we) need your grace and blessings. Everything that I(we) have, everything that I(we) need, comes from you and you alone. Most of all, I(we) need you. I(we) need to know you. I(we) need to have the light of your face shine on me(us), so Father, show grace to me(us). Bless me(us) abundantly. But also help me(us) to remember that you give your blessings not just for me(us) alone, but that I(we) might be a blessing for others. You show me(us) your ways that I(we) might humbly teach your way to others. You save my(our) life(ives) now and for eternity that I(we) might give my(our) life(ives) for the salvation of others. Father, help me(us) to not look so intently on gifts you have given me(us) than I(we) no longer seek your face. Help me(us) to not cling to my(our) blessings so tightly that I(we) can't open my(our) hands to give to others or even to receive more from you. Help me(us) not to fear that if I(we) give, you won't be able to replenish what I(we) lack. Help me(us) to trust your sufficiency, your abundance even, and that whatever is for your glory is ultimately for my(our) good–no matter what the initial cost. In Jesus Name We Pray. Amen.