Heavenly Father have mercy on me (us) according to Your tender mercy and Your steadfast love. Blot out my (our) transgressions. Wash me (us) thoroughly and repeatedly from my (our) iniquity and guilt and cleanse me (us) and make me (us) pure from my (our) sin. I (we) am (are) conscious O'Lord of my (our) transgressions and I (we) acknowledge them. My (our) sin is ever before me (us). I (we) have sinned against You and only You O'Lord. I (we) have sinned and done that which is evil in Your sight. You are justified in Your sentence and faultless judgment of me (us) O'Lord. Heavenly Father I (we) know that I (we) was (were) brought forth in a state of iniquity; my (our) mother was sinful who conceived me and I (we) too am (are) sinful. I (we) know, O'Lord, that You desire truth in my (our) inner being; make me (us) therefore to know wisdom in my (our) inmost heart. Purify me (us) O'Lord with Your anointing and cleanse me (us) and I (we) will be white as snow, free of sin. Heavenly Father, help me (us) to hear Your joy and gladness and be satisfied; let the bones You have broken rejoice once again and be completely healed. O'Lord have mercy on me (us) and hide Your face from my (our) sins and blot out all my (our) guilt and iniquities. Create in me (us) a clean heart; O'Lord, and renew a right; persevering and steadfast spirit in me. O'Lord cast not me (us) from Your presence and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me (us). Restore unto me (us) O'Lord, the joy of Your salvation and uphold me (us) with You free Spirit. I (we) will teach transgressors Your Ways O'Lord and sinners shall be converted and then return to You. Heavenly Father deliver me (us) from this guiltiness and death. You are the Lord of my (our) salvation and I (we) will sing aloud Your righteousness. O'Lord open my (our) lips and my (our) mouth shall bring forth Your praise. I pray O'Lord that You will delight in my sacrifice of my (our) broken spirit; my (our) broken and contrite heart and I (we) humble myself (ourselves) in complete repentance before You. In Jesus Name I (we) pray. Amen