Entering our Heavenly Father's Presence

How do we enter in with God? 

According to God's Biblical Pattern

In the Old Testament, Exodus chapters 25 through 27, our Heavenly Father set forth a pattern for the Tabernacle, which He would indwell, the place of worship and coming to know Him. Today, we are that Tabernacle indwelt with the Holy Spirit; the place of worship is in our hearts. Most people think of worship as going to a place or building to lift hands and sing to God. True worship is an intimate relationship and exchange with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This can only take place in your innermost being, a place called your heart or spirit man.

Oh But I know How to Worship Already!

I am continually learning and growing in God. To say that I know, is to cut myself off from continued learning with God. This also restricts or retards growth with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As Christians we are to be constantly maturing in the Lord. When we think all is done, we have just put ourselves on the sidelines. Don't limit God by this prideful attitude of "I already know this (whatever it is)."

According to Pattern

With God all things are done according to pattern, His pattern, His way. God has set this pattern for prayer forth, God's way not ours, else it will fail somewhere down the line. How wonderful it is to be raptured into His awesome Presence, to a place where you are not aware of time and space anymore. You will be consumed with nothing but HIM. In Him we live and move and have our being. A friend once told me to pray before I pray. Entering in with God is not about you, it is all about Him! Death to self will take place. The more you enter in with Him, the deeper you will go and there will be more of Him and less of you. The "flesh" (worldly ways, etc.,) is not allowed to go in with God and is left out (that is called death to self). In other words the deeper you go with God the more opportunity you will have to be changed into His likeness (less flesh). This is where we are putting off the old man and the old man's ways (character and nature) and in turn putting on the new man with Christ's (the Holy Spirit) Character and Nature. Exchange takes place. It is there with Him that we are transformed into His likeness (image). The more you surrender to God the more you desire to be with Him. You exchange your agenda, life, etc., and in turn receive and choose to keep and walk in His Life, His Character, His Ways, His Thoughts, His Peace, His Order and His timing (agenda), which is called "being in Him!" or "abiding in Him." To sum it up you will learn to let go of anything that hinders you in this earthly existence so you can get still before Him and into His Presence. In this stillness you will get to know Him. You will also learn to allow Him to position you for a deeper "letting go" and true stillness before Him. Deeper intimacy will occur. Realize however this is not a "microwave" type experience. When you allow Him to position you, realize that learning is about to take place!

Let go (of the earthly), be still (before Him), and know that He is God (intimate time with God starts here, a Life giving exchange and getting to know Him!).

At this point in prayer I sing a song which echoes the longing and heart-felt desire to be with God. You will be drawn through the veils that separate you from God. Along the way, with the Holy Spirit, during this time, with the Lord, these hindrances (veils) and their effects should tremendously decrease. You will start becoming more aware that you are coming before a great and all powerful God, who loves you!

Struggles will Pursue you

Struggles will pursue and try to entangle you as you go further into God's Presence. They will try to keep you or draw you out but there are some easy techniques I will share with you that He wants you to learn so you can continue on in this time, with Him. All the time you are in prayer you will be developing and growing "in Him", and should become more dependent upon Him. Remember this: God wants you there with Him too! It is a privilege to come into His Presence. In Him abides His deep enriching peace which passes all understanding.

The Journey Begins

A Few Steps to a Successful and Joyful Time with God

At first, I strongly suggest that you have a prayer closet, a place where you and a few others can go so you will not be disturbed. My prayer closet is downstairs in a secluded place, yet it is still not impervious to noises. I have found in the past that the days and the times the Lord calls me into this type of prayer that things are quiet around the house. The kids are out, and my spouse is not home from work. I leave the cell phone upstairs where I can not hear it. You might set the ringers on the phones to "off." I usually unplug the downstairs phone. Sometimes, things will happen, like the dog will bark, or there will be some incredible "boom", or noise. Just realize you must stay on track with the Lord! Be determined! The flesh of loved ones will rise up and you will be interrupted. The Devil will stir up problems during this time to disrupt or keep you out of this intimate time with the Lord. When interruptions occur you will have to either ask the Holy Spirit to take you back where you were or start over. Simply know that you love these people and animals. Do not let it disturb you! Love them and let the disturbance go! Continue to enter in with God, press in! We will talk about how to deal with those outer distractions and "self" during this time of communion with the Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. Whatever you do, stay on course! One obvious course of action is to lovingly inform those around you of what you are doing, that this time is set aside to be with the Lord. Unless the house is burning down, or someone is seriously hurt, then they are not to interrupt you until you emerge from your prayer room. Whatever happens don't get into sin, it isn't worth it! LOVE above all! If someone calls, let it ring or tell a family member to take a message. If someone comes to the front door, either tell family members to not answer it or let others know you are not to be disturbed. How you handle it is between you and the Lord, but do it graciously! If God called you to get with Him, He comes first! Know this, if someone is hurt or in pain, go to them and help them! God understands!

I will say from experience that God directs me when I am to come to Him in this deeper way. So far it hasn't been everyday. For me, this helps this time with Him to continue to be a privilege and not a ritual, a relationship and not a religion, a joy and not tiresome.

The First Things First (On This Side of the Veil)

(The Earthly Realm)

When you are clean or have prayed and are cleansed of sin, strongholds, bondages, demonic spirits, curses, evil or wrong prayers, assignments coming against you, unrighteous agreements have been destroyed, controlling prayers, instruments of unrighteousness driven out, evil principalities, powers, and rulers in high places severed from you, you have been cleansed by the Blood, and have the Armor of God on, you are protected by the Blood, then you are ready to begin to approach the Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. Personally I ask the Lord according to John 14:14 to loose His angels around me and to keep out all demonic spirits from coming anywhere near me, the house or the land, as the last thing I do before entering in with Him. You are now ready to start a walk with the Holy Spirit which will lead you into the Holy Place to meet with our Messiah and then from there to the Holy of Holies to be with our Heavenly Father.

An Overview of Where you are Headed

There are several areas we will go through from here to the Holy of Holies.

Preparation for Entering in

By prayer we need to confess our sins, repent, and ask for forgiveness. Continue to get cleaned up as I mentioned in the section, "The Earthly Realm." At this point we have been cleansed by the cross and washed in the Blood of Jesus. The atmosphere spiritually clears and we are ready to center our hearts deeper on the Lord by entering into praise and worship.

      > We will enter His Gates with Thanksgiving in our heart.

      > We will enter His Courts with Praise

      >  We will enter the Holy Place

Where the Shew Bread (Jesus the Bread of Life) is. (He is the Life). Where the Candlesticks of Light or Illumination is. (The Holy Spirit bringing knowledge, wisdom, revelation, and understanding. (He is the Light of men and women.) Where the Altar of Incense is. (True Worship and Exchange, and a deeper intimacy occurs in this place with Him. Prayers of the heart arise as He places them on your heart. Intercession may occur here.)

We will enter the Holy of Holies

There is a transition that occurs, a transferring into the Holy of Holies. This is the place we meet with our Heavenly Father. This is the time when you are drawn into God's Presence. You don't just go in of your own accord! God the Father draws you in past the veils of the flesh, mind, emotions, distractions, hindrances, things, cares, riches, and pleasures of this world. You are coming into the Presence of an awesome and to be feared (reverenced) God!

Now that we have heard about it, it's time to go there.

Time to Go There

After praying, getting cleaned up, and asking the Lord to loose angels about you and the house it is time to "enter in."

I usually start out by speaking to the Holy Spirit. "Holy Spirit I ask You to pray to my Lord in Heaven, lead me and guide me into the Holy Place and then into the Holy of Holies."

In the Name of Jesus, I command my spirit, mind, will, my emotions, ego, libido, imaginations, subconscious areas, the mind of the flesh, and all other areas of my life down to the obedience of Christ within me.

"Holy Spirit I ask You to pray to my Lord in Heaven to remove from me any hindrances, any obstacles, double mindedness, duplicity, anything in my life or on the throne of my life that does not belong."

"Holy Spirit I ask You to pray to my Lord in Heaven, if there is anything or area in my life that is not totally submitted to the mind of Christ, I give You permission and ask You to cause these areas and/or things to come down now to the obedience of the mind of Christ within me, in Jesus Christ's Holy Name. (Speaking in tongues might manifest here or would be appropriate.)

"Holy Spirit I ask You to pray to my Lord in Heaven that the mind of Christ arise in me, over all areas of my life, and over the throne of my life.

Holy Spirit I ask You to pray to my Lord in Heaven, to remove anything that would hinder me from coming into total oneness, and knowing You, and having intimate exchange with My Heavenly Father, the Son, and You the Holy Spirit, from where I am now with You, and through the time You want me to have in the Holy of Holies, amen. (Speaking in tongues might manifest here or would be appropriate.)

Holy Spirit I ask You to pray to my Lord in Heaven, to lead me now into the Holy Place and then on into the Holy of Holies. Keep me focused upon You, Your Voice, the Lord Jesus Christ, His Voice, and my Heavenly Father, His Voice, while all the time keep me "in Your Presence" throughout this prayer, amen.

Preparation for Entering in ("after" the Outer Court)

At this point I start to give thanks and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ.

> We will enter His Gates with Thanksgiving in our heart(s).

      > We will enter His Courts with Praise.

This is where I sing and if you want to dance to Him it is proper.

"I enter Your Gates with thanksgiving in my heart, I enter Your Courts with praise, this is the Day that the Lord has made I will rejoice for You have made me glad. You have made me glad, You have made me glad, I will rejoice for You have made me glad, my Lord and Savior. You have made me glad. You have made me glad, I will rejoice for You have made me glad . . . (I may not have sung it right but He likes it from the heart!)

Hallelujah. Thank You Jesus. Praise You Lord. (Speaking in tongues would be appropriate here.) Continue to praise and worship Him. "Hallelujah", "Thank You Jesus." . . .

We will now enter the Holy Place.

His Presence should be evident by now. His Presence may be felt. You may experience His Presence as a light tingling, or as a strong anointing throughout your body or in an area of your body. If not, then ask Him, "Heavenly Father, I ask You to fill this room with Your Presence." or  "Heavenly Father, I ask You to cover me (us) with Your Presence."

Holy Spirit I ask You to pray to my Lord in Heaven, to take me now into the Holy Place. If you have the gift of tongues this is also an appropriate time and place to give utterance as the Spirit of the Lord leads.

This is when you meet with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit I ask You to pray to my Lord in Heaven, cause me to hear and know my Lord's Voice. (Tongues)

I speak aloud saying, "Lord Jesus You are the Bread of Life, the Life and the Light of men." (Tongues)

Then be quiet and listen, be still, no talking!

He might speak your name. He will respond to you. He speaks to me identifying Himself as the "I AM." He wants us to speak this back to Him, so I say that back to Him out loud, "Lord Jesus You are the I AM." He may next say, "I Am That I Am", so I speak that back to Him, "You are the I Am that I AM." Thank You Lord!, Thank You Jesus! During this time I may be led to speak in tongues and giving thanks out loud to Him. Thank You Jesus!

Again it is important to mentally be still and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. Continue to exalt the Name of Jesus, Thank You Lord, Thank You Jesus. Thank You Lord, You have brought me (us) into the Holy Place, "You are the Life and You are the Light." Thank You Jesus. Thank You Lord, You always identify Yourself to me. Thank You Lord." (He identifies Himself as the "I Am", "The I Am That I Am." He identifies Himself as the "Life" and "the Light." (Mainly He identifies Himself as the "I Am.") He may say after that, "I knew you before the creation of the Earth, before the foundations were even laid." He has a plan and purpose for your life, and calls you "son." (Since I am not a female I must assume by previous words of knowledge to women that He says to them, "daughter.")

You will know that it is Him because when He speaks His Voice goes through your entire being. You will "know that you know" in your inner man, it is Him. His Peace will infill you when He speaks. He will tell you He loves you. He wants you to know that He loves you. Sometimes He will say, "I Am the Great I Am, The Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Creator of all things." Then thank Him. Thank You Lord! Yes Lord!

The peace of God will flood your entire being when you are with Him. Thank You Lord You are the Bread of Life and in You is Light (You are the Light). You are the Candlesticks of Light, the Illumination, the Light of the Holy Spirit, bringing us Life and Light (wisdom, insight, understanding, revelation and realization). I usually end up led of the Spirit into tongues, and then entering into a deeper worship, praise, and adoration which is a type of prayer, or incense lifted up to our Heavenly Father (therefore fulfilling the part of the prayer concerning the Altar of Incense).

Now is the time where we are transitioning more out of the flesh and we are being positioned by the Holy Spirit to be taken into the Holy of Holies. Notice I said "taken" into the Holy of Holies. We do not enter the Holy of Holies of our own accord or ability. God initiates, the Holy Spirit moves, and we respond to Him, He moves into, through, and past the veils into His Most Holy Presence.

Lord I worship You! I praise You ! I exalt Your Holy Name. At this point I may even be quickened to sing or speak, both or neither. I usually worship the Father with a song.

"I Worship You, Almighty God! You're my Joy and Strength! I Worship You, Almighty God! I Praise Your Name." I might repeat this song from my heart, or praise Him, "Father God, Heavenly Father, You're my Joy and Strength!" (etc.) Worship may even turn into tongues.

Deeper Adoration and Awe of Our Heavenly Father Begins

"I love You Lord, Daddy God, Heavenly Father.' "You created the Heavens and Earth, in You there is no shadow of turning." "Thank You Lord, thank You Daddy God." (tongues)

Heavenly Father I come to Your Throne of Grace through the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit quicken me and into

the Holy of Holies, quicken me to my Heavenly Father's Voice. (tongues).

Be Still. Be Quiet. Wait!

Then Do Not answer out loud when He speaks !

He will then speak to me saying something like, "son!" or whatever He wants to. ("Be still" or "I am doing a work in you.")

Answer Him with the mind of Christ, not your human voice out loud. (You have the mind of Christ.). If He says to "be still", then be quiet! That is when it gets hard for me. I want to "do" something or say something.

Our "do" is to believe and receive from Him in stillness, even when we don't think or feel He is doing anything, TRUST and OBEY! This will stretch you! He will release you when His work in you is done. Allow Him to stretch you!

Pray silently through the mind of Christ. "Yes Father." Usually He responds with, "I love you" or "I love you son !" My response back to Him by the mind of Christ is, "Yes Lord, I love You!" or "Father (or Heavenly Father), I love You!"

In the Holy of Holies we are no longer concerned about our earthly existence, what happens next, what time it is, or how long we have been with Him, not even how much time there is left.

If your thoughts start drifting then the quality of "being with" the Father will be diminished. You are allowing yourself to be distracted, is what it boils down to.

Quick Recovery from This Drifting or Distractions of the Mind

Pray, "Holy Spirit I ask You to pray to my Lord in Heaven to quicken me back to where I was with my Heavenly Father and His Voice. (If you sense the leading of the Holy Spirit, speak in tongues.) You must come to the realization and reality that "the mind" Your Heavenly Father desires you to have is one of being with Him, existing in Him as one, and that all else does not matter! He comes first. All the worries and concerns of the natural life pales; they are insignificant ! Whatever goes on out there, in the flesh life you must learn to truly trust Him with it all! God tells us in John 12:24, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit"(KJV). Your life is hid in Christ! We have to learn that God, is in control. Let go, trust Him with all of your existence, be still, and know that He is God (This an intimate knowing, not just a knowing of Him ! This is where we are changed into His Likeness!)

I have found in the past, that when He has called me to get into the Holy of Holies, that He has orchestrated the entire event, all things around it, even before entering in, during, and after. He then calls you to "Come." Our response is to obey, go to Him immediately!

*** Important *** Now if your child gets hurt, you know you have to attend to that! If your child is sick, you know you have to attend to that! If your child is hungry, you know you should attend to that! This is why I try to preclude these things and serve others before getting into this prayer time. In case you have to leave to attend to an emergency, you might say to the Lord, "Lord, I am sorry I have to go."  Just realize that He knows what is going on already! So don't beat yourself up or be hard on yourself. He will not hold that against you. Then go! Tell Him you love Him on the way out the door! Remember the people or person you are now going to needs your attention, love, and understanding!

Later pray and if He lets you, return to your place of prayer, else do not be upset!

I could comment on how the enemy loves to plague God's children with distractions during prayer time. I find that a dog barks or people come in, and they have forgotten I go downstairs and get in to prayer, distractions may try to disturb me in this quiet time.

Again, good communication prior to going into this time of prayer will often stop those problems from occurring. Mute the phone or place the answering machine on silent mode, and when all else fails "unplug it as need be." God is most important! When He says "Come", then it is time to "come" (Immediately move to the place of prayer). I usually ask Him that morning or during the day if He wants me to come into the Holy Place and Holy of Holies when I get home tonight. He will let you know! He may confirm it through His Presence coming on you or He might simply say "NO."

Why Does God Tell us NO

Sometimes He answers "no" because He knows we need our physical and mental rest, as well as spiritual rest. He knows we need to cultivate relationships of family, friends, church, and those in the world he is drawing to Him, through us. So, here again, God knows what is best for us! This does not mean we can't pray and ask Him questions or intercede for others during these other times.

Trouble Keeping Your Mind On The

Lord in The Holy Place and Holy of Holies

  1. While listening to either the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit it is important to focus on His Voice !
  1. Again you can pray using any of the "Be" techniques (as follows):
    1. Holy Spirit, I ask You to pray to my Lord in Heaven, quicken me, cause me to hear and know the Lord's Voice (or My Heavenly Father's Voice)
    1. Say the Name of Jesus: "Jesus", "Jesus", "Jesus" (Speak under your breath because it might distract other people in the room.)
    1. Holy Spirit, I ask You to pray to my Lord in Heaven, to quicken me back to where I was with the Lord Jesus Christ, cause me to hear His Voice, not a strange voice. (Tongues)
    1. Holy Spirit, I ask You to pray to my Lord in Heaven, to quicken me back to where I was with My Heavenly Father and cause me to hear His Voice, not a strange voice. (Tongues)

(3) Then be quiet and listen. He will speak.

  1. Usually while I am in either the Holy Place or the Holy of Holies, the Lord will purify me in His Light. His Light will wash over me. Changes are being made in us as we yield and turn ourselves over to Him. We are being made more like Him. Do not even concern yourself with what is going on or happening during that process, just know it is for the better, His and ours.

Just simply trust Him !

"Moving on" in the Holy of Holies

As the time with the Lord draws to an end you realize you have been in a special place where you were "closed in" with Him. In fact, this actually happened when He drew you into the Holy of Holies. You may have even felt engulfed about with a void or nothingness. What happened is that you were pulled or separated into His Most Holy Presence! All other things were also being blocked out for you, so you could have a strong one-on-one intimate relationship and time with Him. You have to realize how very important you are to Him and how much He incredibly loves you! It is to be an uninterrupted, intimate time together, giving full attention to Him, as He does with you! (Yes, you are extremely important to Him and I am sure He wants us to value that time with Him to the same degree or measure.) All our focus is to be devoid of self and all other existence except Him during this time! This only leaves hearing and knowing Him. He knows we need that because of the way we are. God knows best for each of us!

Through more trips into the Holy of Holies, He will take you into deeper levels of being still before Him, deeper times of exchange, and a deeper getting to know Him! Your entire mind, spirit, and body will be effected. You will never, never, never be the same! It is so incredibly wonderful, that you will desire and covet that time you spend with Him.

Nothing else will satisfy like being "in" Him! We have to learn to be patient with ourselves! Wait! Call upon the Name of the Lord! You are a work in progress and you can't do this yourself! We need to see that we need Him. We are His Tabernacle, His building, being built up in a Holy Way, in Him.

Leaving the Holy of Holies

Usually there is silence and the Lord says, "Go" or "go upstairs to be with your spouse, daughter, and/or son." I respond with, "Lord did You say go?" I am implying to the Lord I don't want to leave His Presence. His response is usually "Yes" or "Go." I (we) must obey! (Matthew 7:21) He will say to me at that time, "I love you son." I respond in love with, "I love You Lord" (Daddy God, or Heavenly Father). So I turn and start to leave and He usually says again (I really like it when He does this again.) "I love you!" I respond and probably with tears flowing, "I love You Lord !"

I thank Him for being with me no matter where I am and I say my last "I love You" to Him. I leave the room shutting the door, knowing He is with me! I usually have a little problem walking or I have a little disorientation due to being extremely saturated in His Peace from head to toe! I sometimes can hardly even think a thought (all laboring of the mind has ceased!) Do not be eager to jump back into the things of the world. Hug, or love on the spouse and kids. Just RELAX! Even reading the Word may not be God's will for you at that moment. I truly believe He wants us to enjoy the "REST" and "Soak" in it! Enjoy the journey. Dwell on things that are good and pure, and from above.