Heavenly Father, I pray that you will forgive me and every member of my family and all of my friends for anything we have done wrong. Lord help me to forgive anyone who may have hurt me and help anyone that I may have hurt or upset to forgive me. Lord, help me to love others and do what you want me to do. Please come into my heart Lord, and wash away my sins. 

Lord, help my family to be happy and love one another and not be sad or mad at each other. Dear Lord, please take care of my loved ones and protect and love them as they care for me. I thank you for this wonderful day. Please show my family how much You love them and that you will always be there for them. Teach us to always come to you in prayer. Lord, I pray that every member of my family and all of my friends will accept You into their hearts so that they will go to heaven.

Lord Jesus, heal the sick so they will live a long, happy and healthy life. Lord, keep every member of my family, principals, teachers, friends, classmates, and pets safe from any harm or evil. Help me Lord to get good grades in school. 

Lord Jesus, I pray you protect the President, the leaders of our country and state, and their families. Lord, keep our pastors, firemen, policemen, ambulance drivers, emergency workers and all the soldiers, safe as they do their jobs.

I pray for the poor and hungry. Send people to help them and give them a place to sleep, and if they are sick please make them well and feel better.

Lord I ask you to visit the sick in the hospitals and prisons, please heal them, and tell them about Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus, I ask you to bless everyone that I have prayed for today and send Your mighty angels to protect all of us. Please help us to know you better, Lord Jesus, and have more of you Lord, in our hearts. I pray Lord, that you will be with everyone that I have prayed for today so they will be able to know and love You the way I love You. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen